Brian May – Mad Max OST LP


Milan – A 120 143, France, 1981


Skladem (1 ks)
Kód: 0007317
Značka: Milan
750 Kč


A1 Main Title 2:03
A2 Max The Hunter 2:10
A3 Max Decides On Vengence 2:40
A4 The Final Chase 1:47
A5 The Terrible Death Of Jim Goose 1:02
A6 We'll Give 'Em Back Their Heroes 1:13
A7 Pain And Triumph 2:15
A8 Dazed Goose 0:35
A9 Foreboding In The Vast Landscape 2:08
B1 Declaration Of War 1:30
B2 Flight From The Evil Toecutter 2:25
B3 Pursuit And Tragedy 1:55
B4 Jesse Alone, Uneasy And Exhausted 1:40
B5 The Beach House 1:55
B6 The Nightriders Rave 1:20
B7 Jesse Searches For Her Child 0:55
B8 Rampage Of The Toecutter 1:47
B9 The Crazing Of Johnny The Boy 2:05

01. Main Title - Brian May

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